GCh Merson's Juan in a Million, CGC, TT

OFA Hips: BM-2414G24M-VPI - View Hips
OFA Elbows: BM-EL1313M24-VPI - Left - Right
CERF: BM-940
CHIC: 83870


Juan is living in Allen, TX with his new family.

I fell in love with Juan when I met him at 6 weeks of age. He is very affectionate and has a wonderful outgoing look at me attitude. I can't thank his breeder Susie Williamson enough for entrusting me with this precious, naughty puppy.


Juan in the Conformation ring
Part I
Part II

Juan New Grand Champion


Juan Herding Group 1



Award Of Merit at the 2013 ABMC National Specialty by breeder judge Martha Moses



Juan's first Grand Championship points - Best of Breed, 5 pt major on 2-16-13 - 21KB

Juan’s first Grand Championship points - Best of Breed, 5 pt major on 2-16-13

Juan New Champion 9-28-12 - 20KB

Juan New Champion 9-28-12

Juan 3pt major 3-17-12 Louisville - 27KB

Juan 3pt major 3-17-12 Louisville

Juan BOW 5-20-12 - 31KB

Juan BOW 5-20-12

Juan 3 point major - 18KB

Juan 3 point major


Juan's first point, Best of Winners, Denton TX show May 15, 2011

Juan Standing 10-14-11 - 31KB

Juan October 14 2011

Juan in the leaves 10-14-11 - 28KB

Juan in the leaves October 14 2011

Merson's Juan in a Million - 19KB

Merson's Juan, April 15th 2011

Merson's Juan in a Million - 14KB

Merson's Juan in a Million

Juan & Wyatt - 13KB

Juan & Wyatt

Juan crashed 10-16-10 - 16KB

Juan crashed 10-16-10

Juan 12 weeks old - 19KB

Juan 12 weeks old

Juan puppy 9-12-10 - 12KB

Juan puppy 9-12-10

Juan 9-12-10 - 10KB

Juan 9-12-10

Merson's Juan in a Million - 19KB


Juan trotting along 9-12-10 - 12KB

Juan trotting along 9-12-10

Juan at 5wks - 12KB

Juan at 5wks

Juan puppy stack - 20KB

Juan Puppy Stack

Juan standing 4 wks - 11KB

Juan standing 4 wks

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